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February 1, 2009

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The glass-fronted beach house overlooking the ocean
from a high bluff in Oregon belongs to the family of the
2nd wife of our next door neighbor here in Seattle. Bruce
and Connie--who used to live here in the place we rent--
invited us down there for the weekend and so we went.
The house is fully furnished and there are plenty of old
LPs and lots of books to peruse as the surf pounds dully
outside and bourbon cracks one's ice. I read Horton Hatches
the Egg
and had no trouble with it except a little bit at the
end... I could accept an elephant sitting in a tree for 51
weeks, being kidnapped by a circus, then hatching a
hybrid flying bird-pachyderm, but why the greedy ring-
master would then restore both big-eared moneymakers
to the wild just didn't make sense. Oh well, as this little
family seen pedaling down the middle of Highway 101
on our return trip demonstrates, strange things do occur.