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January 21, 2010

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Finally made the journey to Jed and Liz's fab new pad way the fuck out there in West Seattle. Kind of easy to get to, actually--just put bike on the 5 which turns into 54 and then brake down a hill so steep local high schoolers have painted rah-rah slogans on the side of it. Step over the guard rail here and there's a goatpath all the way down to the water but we were hungry so opted to drown in pho instead. After that I couldn't resist Easy Street Records--often good for a bargain--and spent way too much but well worth it for a Velvet Underground reissue 45 box set. Said bye to Jed and met NBS homies at a pub just down California Avenue and learned that Alasdair's been doing a remodel right around corner from Jed's. I'd even ridden by his truck earlier but hadn't noticed it--a reminder to try to be more observant.