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April 14, 2010

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Ever since I was a kid I've loved
being outside. The call to come
in for the night was always
met with resistance, usually
a shout of "10 more minutes!"

...Which would be reduced to 5
the next time and repeated until
the threats started. It was a pretty common
call-and-response on our suburban 1970s block where kids on bikes
by far outnumbered cars parked in the street. In those days one-car
families were the norm and almost all of those fit in driveways.

I never have quite learned to refuse the call of a sunny day (which
is why I get more done during Seattle winter grey) and so today
found me rolling in the sun to my favorite destination: the beach at
Golden Gardens. I wore my bathing suit and put it to use, plunging
into the chilly salt wavelets and butterflying out towards the sun till
my head went numb, as always with eyes open to enjoy the light
filtering down through the green water. I drip dry at the shoreline,
watching the sun rain diamonds on the water, then close my eyes
at those precious times when neither train nor plane nor boat can
be heard, just the murmur of the ocean as it's sounded for ages.