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April 22, 2010

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Woke up here...      

     ...and ended up here.

The wind in Joshua Tree rattled the tent all night. We took a little morning hike
through an oasis and past an abandoned gold mine. Near the top of some big
rocks we shared the last beer from yesterday's 6-pack. Had breakfast at nearby
Chiriaco Summit, a small travel plaza family empire founded on an insider tip.
Had an uneventful drive, impressed by roadside cacti, misled once by google,
we rolled up to John and KT's house in Scottsdale, garbage day on clean streets,
lots of xeriscaping and no grassy parking strips between sidewalk and roadway.
Sarah noted John's tan. Hard not to get that way when it's sunny 330 days a year.

The jury is still out on whether Nature tends towards entropy or its opposite.
But even such a statement is just another false dichotomy,
the product of reductive Western dualist thinking.