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August 9, 2010

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Delta is the world's largest airliine, and thus best-positioned to service you in the orifice of their choice.
They're perilously close to the goal of any ambitious company in a free market economy: monopoly!
Flying Delta is a glimpse of near future when corporate control will be complete. You pay the price
they set and more for each little extra: $25 per checked bag, no meal but you can buy a snack, $12.95
for wi-fi, up to $6 per video on demand, $2 for a headset. Oh, and they don't take cash--ominous portent
of a time when every transaction will be inextricably linked to databased lifetime consumption algorithm
predicting your next purchase. But don't you never mind that anonymous exchanges will be a thing
of the erased past, jet-fuel gobbling toxic exhaust spewing Delta is committed to best green practices.
  They're the first carrier to implement recycling. The attendants stacked the used plastic cups expertly.