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December 9, 2011

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I drove Igor to the airport this morning. (Well, he drove there and I drove his '86 Vanagon back.) Here we are at the
partly demolished south end of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, soon to be replaced by an ill-advised toll tunnel which will dig a
debt hole out of which Seattle might never climb. The recap: cut-and-cover tunnel and viaduct replacement were voted down
in 2007. Governor Gregoire, mayor Nickels, and county executive Sims signed a piece of paper which contravened the will of
 voters by forcing a deep-bore tunnel on taxpayers. An anti-tunnel citizens' initiative was defeated after those who stand to make
billions from the project outspent the opposition 10:1. Same old story in America: public good sold out to private interests--in this
case with the hard-bought approval of a disinformed public. The saddest part is all resistance stopped dead after the referendum.
Looking at the main anti-tunnel website today is like visiting Pompeii, frozen in time, just another ruin. Is it really too late to stop it?