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August 25, 2012


Admitting that humans went to the moon,
isn't it amazing to consider that your smartphone
is magnitudes more powerful than the 26-pound computer
they crammed into the lunar landing capsule? Since July 20, 1969,
technology and its unintended consequences have multiplied faster
than all but the most seemingly-insane-at-the-time could have predicted.
And guess what--it's just begun! No matter how au courant I'd like to be I
I know I'm falling behind the inexorable march of progress. Nostalgia itself
is becoming obsolete. The past has no value. Snowboarding is an Olympic
event. Could surfing and skateboarding be far behind? Those sports exemplify the
trend towards forgetting what came before, both long and short term. Break a limb?
Skate on! Miss that wave? Here comes another one! Some people still rent landlines
with rotary dials and that is fine; I myself know how to enjoy that. But there's no deny-
ing change is accelerating and it's probably best to roll with it (without forgetting the past.)

So anyway, all this is just to say Neil Armstrong died today. He goes down big in history for
saying, "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind." There's more I could
say about that but I already have elsewhere, so if you're interested in moon landing trivia you
should waste no time downloading my novella, BUZZ: An Unauthorized Autobiography. Due
to the funny rules at smashwords, the adjacent image of WASPy humans waving hello to
theoretical aliens was censored from my manuscript even though it was approved by
NASA long ago as an exercise in wishful thinking designed to bring extraterrestrials
to our home
. Maybe the conquerors will be friendly this time, pothead optimist Carl
Sagan postulated. Maybe he was right and they're already here, doing their bestest
to steer us back on course to rotary dial telephones and 3 channels to choose from.
Anyway, smashwords censored this. That's their right and I don't deny them. It's just
funny that the rest of the universe can be exposed to this scandalous image but not
people who download my book. Well, hopefully you'll see it in print someday. Try it!

        Full Frontal Nudity for Alien Species to
                        Understand Us