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August 30, 2012


       I like work.
As the old joke goes:

To be is to do.   -Socrates  
To do is to be.        -Sartre  
Do be do be do.      -Sinatra  

Got that one from Kurt Vonnegut,
who continues to be an influence.

That's literature for you: the persistence
of thought long after the thinker's death.

Another thing I got from someone else,
who in this case is happily alive and thriving:
the making of paper models to make work lighter.

My good friend Miroslav Wanek impressed me long ago
with a scale model diorama of his Prague apartment. He
made cardboard cut-outs of all his furniture to ascertain
their ideal placement in a limited space. Likewise, when
working with salvaged lumber it pays to visualize in paper.

I don't know what it all means. I'm a Slav at heart and slav
means slave
but I can't help but feel great when given a task
I can attack with utmost devotion and attention. It's not even
the way I was raised but I think it's in my blood and there's no
going against that. (You can try if you like to fail.) So I got out the
scissors and established a system. It's not to scale but it worked.

I scraped, primed, painted, and solved all the small problems that
make it so satisfying to build something that will last in 3D space.