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  September 19, 2012


the deep In my two months                                                  
work-trading in Kipahulu                                         
I ran a gas-powered hedge                                       
trimmer on six-foot pole, weed whacked with wire
and bush blades, macheted down banana trees,
incinerated weeds with a propane tank backpack
flamethrower, sliced with sickles, worked the earth
with poles, picks, shovels, hoes, rakes, and mattocks,
cut and notched salvaged lumber in place with a circ saw,
hoisted heavy beams overhead atop ladders precariously
perched on slurping mud slippery slope, hefted concrete
pier blocks into painstaking position, climbed high trees
for fun, and jumped off a cliff into treacherous currents.
But it wasn't until one of my last days that I got hurt.
Pineapples grow close to the ground with long leaves
stiff and pointy as swords. One of my last tasks was
to fine-weed among the closely placed plants, trying
to stay conscious of the eye-poking potential stabbing
at me from every direction. Just as I grasped a small
upstart sprout Shorty the cat pounced and clawed my
left thumb. I'm fine, thanks. It only hurts when I text.