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April 16, 2013

Perfect day for a long walk. Made it to
Vermillion in 80 minutes flat via scenic
. Coulda been quicker but dallied
taking pictures. I remember when 520
was choke with cars
, but since they put a toll on the bridge much traffic evaporated. It got me thinking about the farce that is Seattle's own $4.2B Big Dig-style toll tunnel. Pure boondoggle, it's an utter waste of resources only to encourage a behavior--driving--which isn't good for a dense urban area. It will have monstrous environmental impacts--all that concrete and thousands of truckloads of spoils--just to create a pointless 2-mile tunnel from nowhere to nowhere which few will use because--here's a shocker--people go out of their way to avoid paying tolls. Anyway, I arrived hot and sweaty at John Boylan's Trash conversation. But to me "trash" sounds irredeemable. I prefer "waste" because that implies there's a choice we make every time we throw something away. And isn't it better not to waste?