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May 27, 2013

Honeybucket is the go-to portable toilet
company here in Seattle. Think plastic
outhouse held together by fistful of rivets.
You see them on almost every jobsite,
including ours. On a sunny day it gets pretty
warm--an object lesson in greenhouse effect.

Spiders like it as incubator for their
offspring. Hundreds of tiny grain-sized
arachnids huddle in a ball until it warms up
enough for them to set out on their own,
albeit connected by invisible threads.

Which is more than a metaphor for people's
relationship to the rest of nature; there are
literal connections binding us but we can't
always see them.                                     

What started last week as a compact
cluster above the urinal today
expanded to a living chandelier
of exquisite lace occupying half
the low domed ceiling. But rather than
disturb them I kept my distance, leaned back
and issued a fireboat salute to their survival
and hit the mark... for the most part.