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July 3, 2013

Last day before a holiday weekend
wrapping up systems and thinking
it was all going pretty well. Just
a simple test of outflow pipes before
knocking off but something was wrong.

With bottom capped, water hosed into
drain should back up to the top, high
above, but in this case leveled off low
indicating a leak in buried sewer pipe.

Of course it had to be the hottest part
of a blazing day in front of the house's
most exposed face, guessing at where the
breach might be, digging through back-
fill with squarepoint, mattock, and spade.
We worked hard, strenuous and sweating,
trenching chaingang champs, pouring water
on our overheated heads--a benediction.

Listen to Poke A Hole by 4Shadows

The 3 of us dug beautifully for 45 minutes,
tag-teaming, ever solicitous, doffing hats.
For a dirty ditch it was good clean work,
the kind I prefer to sitting in an office.

Too bad it was in the wrong place. The pro-
truding tip of 6-foot grounding rod right in line
with pipe should have been a dead giveaway,
but it had been obscured by some other stuff
(the downspouts awaiting installation FYI).

Once we saw it it didn't take long to unearth
the truth--the electrician had driven his stake
for a bullseye through top and bottom of pipe.

Well, hell. The hardest thing is going to be
pulling that 72" steel shaft out of the ground.
Even so it's a minor SNAFU, just another joy of
construction--two steps forward, one step back.