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December 25, 2013

It didn't look a lot like
the L.I. xmases of my
yute but then in a way
every day is Christmas
on Maui. We didn't have
an early start but we
still managed to beat the
crowds to Ohe'o. 1st ones
there, the water was brisk,
bracing--brrrr! The coldest
I've been in a while. A lot of
tourist families there today.
This older sister showed the
rest of 'em how it was done.
A laughing New Yorker art
directed his wife's snapping
with 10-year-old camera in
bulky waterproof housing. He
reminded me of me and I had
to laugh. Church was closed
this Christmas but we saw a toy
plane laid atop Lindbergh's grave
next to county park where we were
the only living present. Rounded out
Kipahulu tour with drop-in visit to old
neighbors who shared deep local lore &
sent me home with kalua pork tamales.