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January 1, 2014


I can't get enough of the water. Please bury me there.
You won't have to mark my grave. Or even use a shovel.
Not that I'm ready to die, but I've done it a thousand times.
New Year's never meant that much to me. It always seemed
so arbitrary, unlike solstice which is based more on astronomy.
But like a birthday it rolls around pretty regular, marks the time.

Somehow, for some reason, I felt it today. I was ready to say bye bye to 2013.
Things did feel sort of new this morning and I lived up to my resolution.
(I'd share it if I could but such things are more potent kept secret.)
2013 meant changes. First was emotional, next was physical.
I'd felt down for the past couple of years, then without
reason I felt much better, claimed some spiritual
real estate outside of time and space. And
then time and space conformed to my
wishes, like water around skin.
Feeling good. Let it begin.