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Pigture of the Day

February 25, 2014

Feral pigs, while delicious, are a scourge. They eat our plantings and dig holes deep enough to tip over an unwary tractor when working a slope. They're the source of a lot of second-hand drama when trespassing hunters let loose their deliberately underfed ravenous dogs to flush 'em out and pin 'em down long enough for the kill to be administered by knife, bow, or gun. It's bloodcurdling to hear them harass and bite a pig cornered in the brush. The dogs are sweet to humans but indiscriminate otherwise and we've lost a lot of chickens and geese to frenzied dog attacks. Some people set snares to "manage" pua'a, but at best they choke out in a strangling struggle or at worst get caught in such a way that they can linger for days or longer before expiring. A better solution might be this live trap set by some friends who work for The Nature Conservancy. Right now we're in the acclimation stage where the trap is baited but the trigger-wire that trips the gate shut is not set. For now visitors can enjoy the proverbial free lunch at Chez Cochon. This was our first guest, photographed by weatherproof motion-activated camera. Ultimately we hope to catch several at one go, at which time they'll be dispatched as humanely as possible with a quick close-range shot to the head. One thing about living rural: death is often all up in your face. space