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September 5, 2014

Studio Kabuya at Smoke Farm 2014

Studio Kabuya got its start right here at Smoke Farm in 2009 when Sarah Kavage developed a method for braiding tall grass into long undulating ropelike living sculpture. When Adria Garcia saw the work it reminded her of similar practices from her childhood on O'ahu and it wasn't long before the two started collaborating and refining the technique. Since then they've braided in Kent, Richmond Beach, Magnuson Park, Marra Farm, and the Olympic Sculpture Park, but they always come back here to the annual Lo-Fi Arts Festival. Work on this year's installation began on Wednesday and I was recruited to assist. I was a slow learner but eventually worked my way up from raking to pruning. It's hard, hot work--and I had the easy job!
Lucky for us the frigid Stillaguamish River was just a hop, skip, and plunge away...