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Picture of the Day

February 28, 2015

 go deep   I heard 'em before I saw 'em--the
heavy bass thump of tons of mammal
flesh slapping the water, a 2-second
lag before the sound reached us high
above Alenuihaha. Humpback whales
cruise through this channel, a deep one,
and they don't usually linger too long on
their way to shallower, warmer waters.
We see them spout and when it's still can
hear their exhalations, feathery fountains
erupting from blowholes at the surface.
But today they were really going at it.
What "it" is I'm not sure. They come to
Maui to give birth and breed (not really
in that order, nor all at once--some are
on their honeymoon, others calving in
the obstetrics ward). I'd like to think the
several pairs and more we saw today were
exulting in a beautiful afternoon, the water
here so clear and pure, but maybe they were
in competition or just knocking off sea vermin.
Whatever the case, from my limited human
perspective it was awesome and as primates
do I rushed for my camera and clicked, my eye
augmented by the powerful zoom. At first glance
this might look like a tail, but that's long head and
pectoral fin as he or she blasted out of the ocean....