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  September 12, 2015


No one is from here, insofar as humans evolved on the other side of the world.
But some bloodlines run deeper underground. Say, ten to forty thousand years.

Today's Duwamish Revealed event was special--a gathering of tribes from
all over North America landed their canoes at T107 for a cultural showcase
and feast at the Duwamish Longhouse. Met a guy from the East Side who said he read
an op-ed that asked what it means to be a true Seattleite. That was ironic, given the day's context, but it's a hot topic these days with so many "new people" coming in. What's it take? One year, two, twenty? The two Rob Roys I had at Ebb Tide Room lent me clarity and loosened my tongue: "The measure of how much you belong is what you give to the community. Volunteer. You can't buy your way in."
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