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May 20, 2016


wavy sunset view from wa state ferry
Spent the day on my knees installing a floating wood floor. Floating means it sits on top of subfloor without being fastened down. This allows the wood to expand and contract without buckling at the seams. Because it's going on top of old floor it entailed a lot of fine cutting under existing jambs and trim, with plenty of ziggy zaggy jigsawing in stepped out corners. Sometimes I think I should be doing something more socially meaningful but I guess I just really enjoy working in three dimensions. I never watch the clock and it's always satisfying to stand back at the end of the day after it's all come together. Stakes are high, too! There's no undo button--though of course one can always redo a cut or whatever, but it's much more satisfying to make it through a project without wasting any time or material. Had a delightful ferry sunset cruise back to Seattle from Vashon, water so flat I had to make waves of my own.