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July 27, 2016


For months I've been shopping for a cargo van, Ford or Chevy, something   
plain, reliable, with a security partition and not too much glass in back, ripe to be 
dual purposed for work and camping. I get a dozen craigslist alerts a day and have
passed up some beauties. I even emailed a couple of sellers but nothing came of it. 
The guy I've been doing work for lets me use his truck, so I've been slowly seduced 
daydreaming about mag wheels, hideaway toolbins, and a love loft. Paintjobs. 
But with the truck in the shop, I've had to make do the way I'm used to--by bike. 
The nipples and fittings for faucet replacement fit easily in my shoulderbag, the 
roll of Pex went over my head like a ringtoss. It felt great to be out there pedaling  
with a purpose coming back from hardware store, across sun-dappled sidewalks,   
 a spring-like day in July,
a Seattle summer specialty. It's been 19 years since   
I owned a motor vehicle. Why go back to that lifestyle now? "Things take       
time," as the Tombrowskis say. Riding makes the commute a pleasure, and       
after work I took back my time, slow-rolled along a new route to the lake.