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September 25, 2016


Rode my heavyweight cruiser to 4Shadows
jam today because Sarah texted there was an
estate sale more or less on the way I should
check out. A good estate sale is like a time capsule and this one fit the bill. Got a good
deal on some necessary tools and splurged $22.50 on a Royal portable--as if I needed
another manual typewriter. Goofing around with it in the parking lot I was pleasantly
surprised to behold its sans serif font. The slanty e is especially pleasing. I left it at the
practice space because 55-lb bike with basketful of tools was load enough for the long
uphill slog, but the old Worksman is a pleasure to pedal and the night was delightful,
warm and calm, city quiet, I took my time on the shadowy sidewalks.
  poem typewritten on torn looseleaf