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Picture of the Day

October 5, 2016


 still feeling crappy in the morning i 
 paperworked for 90 minutes and while 
  not totally the most fun thing ever 
  i was feeling ok by the end of it so 
  figured i'd ease back into work by 
 tying up some loose ends and since 
 i had some 11-week-old returns there 
 anyway i was off to home depot in 
 search of a shower door drip rail 
 their website said might be in stock 

  in the shower door aisle i saw nothing 
  that i could use so i asked she-who-
  know, so i asked the guy sitting at the 
  desk who literally said literally three 
  different times in 90 uncomfortable 
  seconds, who sent me to ask in the door 
 department where beard-o suggested i look 
  back in shower door aisle, but specifically 
  the grey display boxes with "Magic-something" 
 products, but maybe that was a joke b/c while 
 i found the grey boxes, nothing fit the bill. 

 i asked an employee loitering around tubs 
 and he directed me to a guy at the end of 
 the aisle, "if he ever stops bullshitting."
 then seeing it was hopeless he fetched 
 him for me, having to yell, and the first 
 thing the bullshitter says to me is, "Here 
 are the three rules in life…" One of which 
 was never stick your fork into an outlet 
 and other such hilarity, to which I listened 
 patiently before replying, "That's deep. Now 
 what I'm looking for is…" (Sorry, I just did 
 not have time for his canned monologue.) He 
 directed me to aisle 12 which, to his credit, 
 was closer than anyone else had come but they 
 didn't have the shower drip rail i longed for. 

 before giving up entirely i asked maps for 
 "shower supply seattle" and the pin dropped 
 with instant precision smack dab on Connecticut
 that's was too far to go for a drip rail so i 
 tried again in safari and found northwest shower 
, just two blocks south of where i was. they 
 had the answer to my shower door drip prayer and 
 i gladly forked over $10 for 36" of primo rail. 
 it was another one of those offices that seemed 
 stuck somewhere in the not-too-distant past, but 
 just far enough to make me nostalgic for humans. 

 and to top it off i found the fattest roll of 
 electric tape i've ever seen, just sitting there 
 waiting for me to pick it up out of the gutter. yay!