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Picture of the Day

October 13, 2016

the sailboats look like ducks.
that can't just be coincidence.
there's a storm a-coming and
the boat is one more thing
to think about. needed bumpers,
found them on craigslist, more
than i wanted to pay, but fair
and not far from the marina.
turns out the guy has designed
and built sailboats of his own
(one 12-ft lightweight right
there in his living room), he
offered to teach me what he knows.
whoa! but that openness doesn't
seem unusual in the sailing (cult)
community. i figured it might be
friendly but i wasn't completely
prepared for it. when i got to the
dock there was a dude grabbing
my bow rail so i asked, what do
you think? he smiled and said
she'll be alright. he was just
checking all the boats ahead
of the wind. that seemed right
neighborly and a civic good deed.
i quickly taught myself a new
and hung the bumpers.