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October 16, 2016

As a child I never looked forward to church. Luckily it was only a sometimes thing. Sundays have more meaning for me now, the weekly convocation of 4Shadows. Often the best action is in the parking lot, smoking and goofing around. It's as weird as childhood used to be, hanging out and wringing laughs from whatever's at hand. Matt's really good at bringing oddball crap that makes for fun photo shoots. None of us guessed this dollar store mask was supposed to be a ninja. One could do better with a wet paper towel! As a band, we seldom practice. Like kids, we'd rather just play.  
                      studying a leaf at arm's length
ninja with scary eyes
                      looking into your soul and finding nothing there
this ninja
                      has other things on his mind
this ninja is faking you
                      out so bad you think that's his face but its the
                      back of his head! fooled again...