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November 10, 2016

Make no mistake, we're in a fight for our lives now, and that's no exaggeration. The oil people have taken over the government by barely legal means (just enough gerrymandering and voter suppression to move the needle into the red) and they're on a mission to wring every last penny out of fossil fuel extraction, including drilling, mining, fracking, and pipelining across previously protected lands. To do so, they will criminalize all forms of protest, which will be called terrorism, including basic press freedoms. The country is rapidly moving towards lockdown and the current administration, which has represented a kinder, gentler form of oppression, is working to ensure a smooth transition. What can't be achieved through official channels will be abetted by mercenaries, vigilantes, and self-proclaimed militias as the government turns a blind eye.

spacer Any hope of mitigating the effects of climate change is lost, thanks largely to a corporate media that didn't want to rock the boat by addressing the issue during the campaign. There's a hundred other things wrong with the coming administration of status quo corporatism on steroids, but the environment is the foundation on which all the rest sits, so it comes down to a question of which will kill us first. Climate change? An itchy finger on the button? Political purges? Civil unrest? Economic depression? How about a military alliance with Russia to make the world safe for fossil fuels again? Anything is possible now. The USA has a deathwish and will gleefully pull the rest of the world down with it. People talk about individually leaving the country, but I'd rather stay where I am and merely cut the strings to the other Washington. This country is its Constitution. When that goes, it's time to secede. Prepare to fight.