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November 12, 2016

The pendulum keeps swinging.
I've never felt more threatened,
nor more hopeful.

Someone lacking love in their life
spraypainted a swastika at the corner
of Mercer and Belmont here on Capitol
Hill, historically the gayest and lefty-est
neighborhood of Seattle. It was quickly
covered up with this golden heart and
the words LOVE WINS.

Where they plant seeds of hate,
we will grow our hearts.

The danger is real and people are pulling together in ways I've never seen. Instead of retreat, we are facing the threat with a united front, countering the hate with love and support for one another.

Tonight there was a gathering
at Indian Summer and I wept
in retelling an incident from
work earlier in the day:

Tai, the electrician on my
jobsite, is Japanese-American.
His parents and all four grand-
parents were interned in camps
during WW2. They lost
everything, a familiar story.

But, he said, after the war all
those families stayed connected
as a result of their shared experience,
formed a spontaneous network up and
down the coast that enabled them to rapidly
rebuild and flourish. That illustrates what Kurt
Vonnegut continually repeated: we need artificial
extended families
to help us get through this thing, whatever it is.

We're living through a remarkable rehash of Nazi tactics, but one advantage
in our defense is Hitler was unprecedented, Trump is not. It could happen here,
but we're not going to let it. We shall overcome, or all go down together. ♥♥♥♥