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November 29, 2016

i try not to be peevish. this is no time to be peevish.
it seems like there can be no small thoughts anymore.

but i'm still a little peeved by "my office today" posts.
you know, when someone's job puts them somewhere exotic
and they must share the stupendous luxury or beauty of it.

not only does that seem to be rubbing it in, it presupposes
the office as a universal point of reference for work,
which strikes me as vaguely classist. but... whatever!
panoramic view of beacon hill, seattle,
                        under low dark clouds
i'm still losing my marbles over the gov't takeover
and today it started getting to me in a subtle way.

i've been so frustrated by terrible drivers in seattle that
i caught myself today relishing the role of road asshole.

someone waited too long at a STOP sign so i went ahead.
they honked, i flipped 'em off faster than the old west.
18 years in seattle haven't dulled my new york reflexes.

later i force merged. it was my turn and i would not be
denied, just drifted the big old banged up truck 'til they
yielded. i had the right! one and one is how it's done.

then i got in the right lane at a red light even though
i knew i had to get back in the left again quickly. i just
assumed i'd be faster off the line--i am 99% of the time.

well, this was the 1% when i was alongside someone spunky,
one of those people who only speed up as you are passing them.

i had a lead, signaled my intention, ignored his honking.
as i unloaded i thought about what a dick move that was
but concluded that i didn't care, i was sick of shitty drivers.

the karmic retribution was instant--tool bucket and radio
tumbled out of work truck. i caught most of the stuff, barely.

later i noticed the volume knob had got knocked off my radio.
i had to retrace my steps in the dark, including the emotions.
the missing knob reminded me no good comes of being a jerk.

found it! a second chance! i promise not to be an asshole again.
360 degree warped view of a hole in a roof,
                        hammer and radio evident