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October 7, 2017

all i wanted was to get to west seattle to get the camper top for tacoma i bought from josh.
but on madison, near the hospitals, while stopped at a light, a
young barefoot white guy in purple patient gown books by top
speed with mad grin of freedom on his face, pumping arms and
legs like an olympic champion, fueled by adrenaline, with four
uniformed cops in hot pursuit falling behind. it was epic.

    (and i couldn't help but notice they weren't shooting at him.)

you could tell everyone was watching, but at same time we all
played it cool. when the light turned green, we just drove on as sidewalkers gawked.

all i wanted was a pepsi. just kidding--more like a cider to reward myself for all the
successful moving around of my shit i accomplished today. i walk out back door that
faces QFC parking lot. weird lights flashing and a phalanx of three cops striding with
a purpose out of sight up the block. "what's going on?" i ask a tall thin man with
prominent ears fidgeting by the ice bin outside. "nothing much--just getting my ass
kicked for being gay on capitol hill. what's new with you?" he'd been at the canterbury,
shooting pool, when his opponent called him a fucking faggot and shoved him, to which
he responded with a swinging fist. security bounced the instigator, but then when our hero
was walking down the sidewalk later, the homophobes were outside harry's and swarmed
him, knees and knuckles flying. he did what he had to and i bought him a bottle of water.

these are desperate times, people, and we ain't seen nothing yet. when the economy crashes and the wars kick
up to fever pitch, remember that our ultimate strength and purpose comes from helping one another. That's it.