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November 6, 2017

paradox is the modern condition. inundated from youth by impossible contradictions, taught to accept conflicting illusions.
hanford reach
is one of the last untamed segments of columbia river, but only because it was set aside to wage nuclear war.
it's a time capsule from 1943, when the US government seized and "protected"
the area to use as nuke zone security buffer.
no one could even come within sight of this structure, so
wildlife, unmolested by man, flourished. it's open to hunters now.
it looks like a farmhouse in the distance, but it's really a
cocooned reactor, sealed with cement for radiation containment.
a reach is an uninterrupted stretch of river. it was in a bend near here that kennewick man was found. the ancients abound.
in conclusion: the quest for atomic means of murder led to preservation of this little bit of nature (until further notice).