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November 16, 2017

CRPS is pronounced "crips" but it might as well be "craps" because it's a crapshoot
who gets it. it makes me so mad that we as a nation can spend $700B on death but a condition that affects 200,000 citizens has to go begging for research funding in the form of a taco dinner at the burien elks. but! it swells my heart to see friends and strangers turn out in a show of solidarity and love. (the tacos were pretty good, too, served in a tasteful midcentury modern room.) i'm still mad, though, while touched to the marrow. our age calls for a new emotion category, one that's an amalgam of compassion and rage. i'm so sick of needless suffering, the normalization of evil, and my own paralysis in the face of it. the worse it gets, the more i retreat into selfishness--or maybe that's just what happens when your back hits the wall? either way, here's sarah lehl. i wish i could be half as strong.