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February 22, 2018

      have you heard the good news about miso?
  a lot of our neighbors have. they squeal with
            delight when arrested at her sidewalk
   stakeout. i wish i knew where i could find
all the selfies i've spied people taking with
     her. sarah's in philadelphia chasing a
river art dream but it's a consolation to
  wake up to this snowy sunlit scene,
 quite a counterpoint to the movies
i've been watching late at night in
insomniac solitude--classic noir
and the goofy gorefests sarah
can't stomach. maybe i'm on
a film jag because i've been
    working at seattle film
 institute, soundproofing
the wall between studio
 and editing room. it's
  inspiring to be in a
 space dedicated to
creativity where dreams
are turned into illusions,
glass more than half full.