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June 6, 2018

the trees are mostly silent, share their feelings solely with one another, occasional creak or whispering breeze through needles and leaves, tight-lipped, don't tell their secrets, i need better ears. under their skin, 14 more rings since i last lived here, Doe Bay living up to its name with morning forage forest visitors, deer so tame they don't seem scared, merely disappointed that i'm not here to feed them, but they do ok for themselves, herbivores in an immersive salad bar, no predators other than human and i hear the hunters get bored--it's just too easy to bag them from one's porch. i'm here to work and the work is hard, days long, up and down ladders with power tools amid copious clouds of sawdust. but it's all good at the end of the day (literally), a short walk or bikeride to Doe Bay Resort, 4-month seasonal pass for $75 means unlimited use of sauna and tubs, reconnecting with a friend who i thought i'd lost, healing in more ways than one.