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  August 16, 2018

All day long--measure, cut, assemble. At the end, there it is, offcuts like entrails
arrayed before the seer. Let us look deep into haruspicy: the future looks
eviscerated. I went to lunch at an Indian buffet. No other customers. Not
a good sign, and it would repeat, but I did have a nice con-
versation with the young waiter who shared his goal of get-
ting into the trades. He asked if I was union and I told him I
work for myself. "That is best!" His plan was to apprentice
himself, with spare time side jobs. He was eager to work.
 "40 hours a week? That is nothing! I can do twice that!"
It's tragic to see the ambitions of immigrants
and refugees punished by xenophobic front
men for extractive industries cloaking their
grift in white ethnostate posturing,
playing the poor against each
other using skin and creed.
Listen up! Nazis
and corporate
are on
the march....