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November 24, 2018

crows are hard to photograph. like cats, they are too aware, disdain
the camera, prefer to fly under the radar unless they're preening,
aeolian forces in play--clouds, windvane, and wings.
being at the boat chills me out like nothing else. i was
texting sarah to join me but my phone went from 12%
to zero in a heartbeat, so i went to bluwater bistro
next door to charge it. no one had a charger so i
used the landline, been so long i didn't know
it was 10-digit dialing. figured i owed the
place a beer, at least, so i ordered and
tried to ignore the screens all

                                          around me.
to my mind, people go to bars to talk. if
all you want to do is drink, save money by
staying home. so i went fishing for conver-
sation, mentioned to the gent next to me how
there'd been a marathon earlier in the day. "yes!
much respect to anyone who can run 26.2!" next
thing i knew he was showing me his World Series
Championship ring, '74. "Bill North? i used to have
your baseball card!" i bought him a beer and asked a
couple dozen questions. i was a baseball freak from
8 to 13 and there's still something about it that speaks to
me like nothing else, so it was a treat to get a peek behind
the curtain, hear first-hand accounts of Reggie, Rose, Roberto...  ...& don't forget Mudcat & Buckner!