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December 14, 2018

with the curtains drawn, our groundfloor
north-facing apartment stays pretty dark
even in daytime, translucent catflap letting
in what little northwest winter light there is

miso here would prefer i went back to bed
instead of going off to work and in theory
i agree but it takes money to buy her food

hoped it would be half a day but this tiling
job is painstaking and i'm at it non-stop till
after dark when sudden wind gusts roar in
off the sound with a whoosh like a train

with powerlines down and streetlights out,
seattle drivers are forced to rely on their wits
so traffic bogs down in hesitance and indecision

but it's interesting to see all the buildings and streets darkened
and from high above lake union on i5 i see lightning in the distance,
a rare occurrence in these parts, while far below there's a fleet of boats
strung with christmas lights reflecting on the water, a bit of cheer on this
long dark day, only one more week until we start climbing out of the hole