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January 26, 2019

i thought i knew fire but as with just about
everything there is always more to learn.
rocket stove workshop started with twigs,
leaves, and birch bark in the snow. a small
, we watched it grow, added a reflector,
then a chimney--object lessons in how to
channel elemental forces more efficiently.

we put existing stoves through their paces,
observed the dynamics for various fuels
and conditions, then learned some tried
and true
ratios for aperture size and
distances between feed, tunnel, and
chimney. thus equipped, we dryfit a
temporary rocket with a mix of kiln
& fire brick, then reversed the flow
by switching feed and chimney,
rearranged the stacks brick
by brick
, routes & detours
for the fire's trip.

later, for dinner, i
, sarah
cooked; fire
made it