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January 28, 2019

this clearing didn't exist when we first came here
three weeks ago. that first time, we shouldered our
way in and harvested with barely enough room to
turn around, but after a couple of visits with many
hands, space and trails opened up, not quite a field
of dreams but getting there. today it was just me and
Sarah in a snowstorm, mostly empty roads and school
closures as the midwest braces for coming polar vortex.
spacer.gif usually we bundle five-foot lengths but today
 we took longer ones that had to be bent to fit in,
stretched from tailgate to windshield and smelled
delicious when warmed by defroster. on the way
back, we stopped for four dozen farm fresh eggs,
 big dogs oblivious to the weather. after dinner, we
had our minds destroyed by cat-in-a-box cuteness,
  then watched a documentary about Gabriola Island.