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February 3, 2019

Earth Plaster & Sculpting Workshop crew:
Pascal, Sarah, Bridget, Deanne, Neil, and
pained grimace of a man with outstretched
arms trying to hold camera steady.



                today we threw stuff at the wall to see what would stick.
          some of it was earth plaster—a mix of sand, clay, and fiber
               (straw or dried manure) pushed into thin layers over toothy adhesive
                    undercoat applied yesterday. for more sculptural
                     forms, a stickier, thicker mix of cob with extra
                     clay in it. mixed by hand in a big tub perched
                     on haybales, measured parts from buckets
                       on floor, filtered through screens kept atop
                          wheelbarrows, more or less careful to not
                            get any on white leather couch seeing as
                                how we were doing this in a living room,
                                  adding curves and depth to flat, square
                                                                              walls, bringing
                                                                                 the outside in,
                                                                                    making literal
                                                                                     the metaphor.