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February 7, 2019

after a final breakfast with the birds, we gathered our things and bade farewell to deanne. it's strange how after just one month it can seem as if we've never known another life, but now it was time to hit the road. we gave pascal a lift to a couchsurf in detroit. i've never seen so many boarded up buildings. everything we'd heard was true. only in america do you have millions homeless and so much vacant housing. by contrast, the block where we dropped him off seemed tranquil and intact but his host, meeting us on the sidewalk, told us not to be fooled as he drew a pistol out of his hoody pocket (discreetly concealed in a darling little gun purse). he never went anywhere without it. that gave me a funny feeling and we moved on from hollowed-out post-industrial wasteland to henry ford's monument to yankee ingenuity and utopian dreams...