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February 23, 2019


sometimes it feels like life is an uphill struggle
to overcome my inherent jerkiness. 23 years
ago, when i was new to the internet, trolling
was called "flaming" and i thought it was all
just good fun and the way to engage in the
 medium, so i once mocked a stranger's
intense attachment to their cat in some
forum or other and still regret it and
wish i could apologize to them;
if you're still out there: sorry!
the hardest part of travel now
is leaving this cat behind. it's hard
on both of us. when i was away, i dreamt miso
needed to go outside but couldn't. this morning that sort
of came true as she kept approaching her door, stopping short to
contemplate her needs, then returning to bed where she'd get on my chest,
 as if to pin me down and say you're not leaving me again! this went on for hours
and my up-all-night movie-watching jet-lagged ass was only too happy to comply.