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March 28, 2019

forgot to leave gate open for Ray the satellite internet installer so when sunup woke me at 6:30 i walked the .666 mile or so down to the entrance, a brilliant morning, the often tumultuous channel flat and calm, currents visible on the glassy surface, clouds reflecting, even a couple of boat wakes on waters usually too hazardous for small craft. it's a 600 foot elevation gain to my cabin and i huffed and wheezed as i quickly gave up on jogging the steep concrete strips, pulse pounding at 140 bpm. man, these goats make it look so easy. and they're not the only animals keeping me company-- charking (chirp + bark) deer woke me last night, birds bathed me in song on the walk down. grunting pigs thrash in the bush, the same rooster crows like clockwork every 3 a.m., hatchlings peep as they scratch, and a drooling cat purrs me to sleep.