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April 8, 2019


        weeks ago, i was a little nervous about my
   first night in the cabin here
. it'd been unoccupied
  long enough for who knows how many critters to establish
             themselves and my cat companion, Biscuit, drools with
             delight whenever she gets close to me. i put a towel over
             the blanket and she fell asleep on my chest. sure enough,
                         a big black rat scurried out from under the bed
                        and along the stem wall next to it. i roused Biscuit
                     and pointed her at it, hoping she'd respond. she
                           sure did! an avid ratter, she leapt into
                                     action and chased
it out. 

            today sorta kicked my ass.
season is upon us and i got
       a lot done. the smell of death is
      common here but it's a drag to
     find the source at your feet when
         you're trying to unwind in the
           outdoor shower at tail end of
               a hard day—but it beats a
                    live one under the bed.