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April 21, 2019

"badfilm" is shorthand for movies
that are "so bad they're good." it's
a fine line between good bad and
bad bad, and i've been exploring
this blurry boundary alone at night
here in maui's hinterlands. as a mis-
fit, i'm inspired by outsider artists. if
  all it takes is a dream too big, count me in.
for the past two weeks i've been obsessed
with shooting a featurette, One's A Crowd,
a post-apocalyptic family drama set in a
paradise gone sour; that's my scene break-
down taped to the window. i'm trying to tell
the story as best i can, but with no budget,
little time, and only myself to fill five roles,
i'll be satisfied if it compares favorably with
these classics from my personal badfilmfest:

The Room - Tommy Wiseau will bury us all
Birdemic - $100 gas, $1M deal, $1B merger
Troll 2 - considered the best worst movie ever
I Am Here....Now - Neil Breen is disappointed
The Apple - laughably misguided $10M musical
Miami Connection - shot on location in Orlando
Samurai Cop - a softcore porn Miami Connection
Dangerous Men - Miami Connection meets Samurai Cop