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June 15, 2019



                                   on thursday, discussed flygskam at
                                   dinner with hoyt and heidi, yet here i am,
                                   37,000 feet in the air, looking down at this
                           most forgiving planet--how much longer will it put        
                     up with us? you never know the limit until you exceed
  it. unlike most flights these days i ended up talking the whole               
  way with my seatmate, who was full of faulty information and
         emphatic about it, a Dunning-Kruger man of our times
        where "fact" is whatever gets shouted the loudest. i was more
interested in the book i'd just picked up, a bestseller that rehabilitates the
the image and place of psychedelics in our culture
óbetter late than never!
     it actually made me weepy reading about people's drug-induced epiphanies as
       i waited without concern for delayed departure. we have such a keyhole view
     of reality that i'm eager to spend more time kicking down the doors of perception.