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June 24, 2019


The last time I visited the
Grand Canyon with John, he got super
sick on the hike down to Phantom Ranch but was a
good sport about letting me photograph him puking. (That became
something of a theme.) Today we didn't go below the rim but we had a
grand time playing the anal game in the parking lot, where we spotted many
hilarious examples: ...Leprechaun ...Jamboree ...Challenger ...Aristocrat ...Escapade. Say their names.

That first visit was 1990, part of a cross-country hitchhiking trip in the time before smartphones when we picked
our way over 4,000 miles relying on nothing but paper maps and the "muddled testimonies of random passersby."
Today we struggled to locate the biggest hole on this side of the planet, even with GPS assist. Perhaps the signage
could have been better, but eventually we found it. Grand! To the naked eye, it didn't appear to have grown much
deeper in the intervening 30 years, but give it time. Saw a man in aviator glasses reading an aviation magazine and the
territorial pissing of a Seattle muralist. I learned and quickly forgot some geology facts, then made use of the post office.