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December 7, 2019

looking through big hole of a small 45, i've lost track of how many times i've spun records
at punk rock flea market in seattle but it's always fun. it's a rare privilege these days to sit
still and just listen to a song with no distraction other than trying to find a thread--a beat, a
bassline, a lyric--that will link it to the next. it's a form of musical meditation, like making
a mixtape on the fly, but with an audience that provides instant feedback through how they
react, whether in the form of an unsolicited tip or a subconscious head bob. speaking of
mixtapes, i recently finished one called MMXIX MIX. it has nothing to do with this
year other than i like how 2019 in roman numerals relates to the word MIX. in fact,
all but one of these songs is from the last century. identify it and i'll mail you a tape!