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December 14, 2019

spacer.gif on the way to the movie, i found one of
those poles bus drivers use to reattach
electrical pickups when they jump the
overhead wires.* i thought i'd struck it
rich but these wire raisers are actually
surprisingly affordable. regardless, i
thought it'd make a good gift for my
landscaper friend (you know, to lift
branches) but it had been run over
and the crushed fiberglass handle
left splinters in my hand so i left it
by a bus stop for anyone to claim.

we bussed to bottleworks where ye
olde CGT were spinning victrola
. i saw a telltale gleam
in eyes of clocking out clerk
clenching a couple of sixes,
eager to disappear into the
possibilities of those cans.
one dropped out of its ring
to the floor, she picked it up
nonchalant and went out the
door. a dozen promises but
one was likely to erupt.

*i might be wrong about this.