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December 17, 2019

there was a period where i dreaded flying because the pressure changes
felt like a screwdriver in the ear. then, inexplicably, that sensitivity went
away and i came to enjoy the thrill of hurtling through the stratosphere
again. until today, when on descent to maui the pain pierced my skull and
there was no way to ease it. just as suddenly, something popped in my left
ear like a tire blowout, but at least it brought relief. adding to the drama,
30-knot gusts elicited passenger whoops and screams on approach to
OGG. meanwhile, down below, despite the drought, golfers chased
their balls up and down irrigated fairways. most of the brown is
defunct cane acreage, fallow for now but soon to be planted with
non-GMO crops for local consumption--is that too good to be true?