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May 18, 2020

spacer today's small job felt like a pre-season exhibition game, a little
scrimmage to prepare for the coming contests after an extended
off-season. the challenge was to reroute existing wiring to five new
low-profile LED ceiling lights. i rotozipped rough openings, cleaned
them up with sacrificial 6" holesaw i keep for this purpose. managed
to angle my makita impact driver through the partially obstructed hole
above, drilled through blocking barring the way, threaded a length of
romex to daisychain the lights sharing this bay. but to tie it all together,
had to fillet a section of ceiling to poke a path through the six intervening
joists. used a stick magnet to locate buried fasteners, then pried them out
of the sheetrock. this careful removal allowed me to put it back intact later.