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June 1, 2020

the seattle curfew is bullshit.
it's not about protecting lives or
even property—it's just a pretext for
unleashing police violence. it's equivalent
to how "resisting arrest" is often the only
justification for arrest. so, sarah & i went
for a walk. this is where we live and we
have a constitutional right to move freely
about it. we drifted towards cal anderson park
and saw a large crowd filling the intersection at
11th & pine, one block west of SPD east precinct.
it was tense but peaceful. then i saw a phalanx of
reinforcements in riot gear join the police barricade

and knew the fuse had been lit. it happened fast and
without provocation—flashbangs, pepper spray, and
teargas clouded the street as hundreds retreated, eyes
and throats burning
. the cops' official statement was
they were putting down a riot, but as multiple videos
showed, the cops started it. and they wonder why we're
pissed off? personally, i prefer strategic protests with
clearcut game plans and coherent demands, but i'm
not going to criticize or shame others for their tactics; 
it's not for me to judge or dictate what the correct path is.
but one thing i do know—the more the police suppress and
peaceful protesters, the more our numbers must grow.